Monday, August 08, 2005

Why is Bush Afraid of This Woman?

Ms. Cindy Sheehan is the mother of Army Specialist Casey A. Sheehan who was killed in Iraq in 2004. Ms. Sheehan has been a staunch critic of the war and the Bush Administration since before her son's death and continues to be one today.

Today in particular she has been protesting both Bush and his war, picketing at his pretend ranch in Crawford, Texas. Her actions have been harshly criticized and derided by commentators on the Right. I am certainly not going to link to their worthless sites from here but if you'd like to read them try the Drudge Report and Mens News Daily, both of which had extremely offensive and one-sided diatribes against Ms. Sheehan. Further, it has now come to light via Daily Kos that if she does not end her protest by tomorrow Thursday, she will be arrested as a national security threat.

Is this how Bush supports the troops? By arresting the mother of a dead soldier because she refuses to carry water for this illegal war?

George W. Bush: Coward and Hypocrite.


Gifted-1 said...

This woman is a HERO!

I say 'Protest on Sista' and I wish I was able to go down to TX on Thursday and support her cause!

Samurai Sam said...

The blog on Men's News Daily was just nauseating. It said Casey Sheehan's death was a "lucky happenstance" that helped his mother's political aims.

I left a comment on the blog expressing the depth of my loathing for the author.

Otherwise, I refuse to add to its traffic.

PoppieProng said...

This is ridiculous. It follows a pattern of contempt for free speech rights.

That said, a large part of me wants to see this woman arrested so that she can challenge it in the courts. I would like to see what the Supreme Court would do with it. Would they rule in favor of the Constitution, as they have been increasingly likely to do (see Padilla I and Hamdi at the SCOTUS where they administered a rather striking reprimand against the Bush administration), or would they roll over and coddle the boy-king? I would think the former, and obviously I hope that would be the case.

Anonymous said...

It's because Bush knows he was wrong, he knows he's lost a lot of public support, he knows the moral of the military is crap now, and he knows that he doesn't have many lies left to keep us there.