Friday, August 12, 2005

How To Lose an Election Before It Even Starts

Is it wrong to laugh at the misfortunes of dishonest Republicans?

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal:

The State Elections Board voted Wednesday to levy a $5,000 fine on the campaign fund of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker for automated calls to residents days before a county budget vote.

The Elections Board decided that the Nov. 4 and 5 calls failed to disclose that Walker's campaign paid for them.


In the calls, Walker asked Milwaukee County voters to call their county supervisor and "tell him or her not to raise taxes" and "not to pay for the pension and sick-leave scandals of the past with higher taxes."

Despite the phone calls, the County Board rejected Walker's tax-freeze push and adopted a budget that raised the property tax by 3%, and then overrode 18 of his vetoes.

Nothing quite like having your partisan rhetoric blow-up in your face and then getting fined to boot.


Walker's campaign manager, John Hiller, said he was "disappointed by the unprecedented and partisan" vote to levy the penalty of $5,000.

Oh, of course, it must be the Democrats and Independents on the Elections Board that are at fault for handing out such a mean fine. Way to take responsibility for your campaign's actions, Mr. Walker.

If this is the level of competition Governor Jim Doyle is facing in 2006, it's going to be a good year!

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Gifted-1 said...

What a dumb ass! Obviously he shouldn't have any power...