Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday Poetry Blogging

"America the beautiful"

Our New World,
this great misunderstanding,
this big meaningless atrocity.
The money makers shine their shoes,
press their ties,
smile their big white teeth,
slither back to their team,
replan their intentions,
and say they do it for me

Our big shiny world
the money making freedom fighters,
control with technology
conquer with strategy
tell us who's the enemy
tell me they're not like me
Kill their children
and smile with big white teeth,
scamper back to their holes
reiterate their lies
regain their control
and they do it in spite of me.

-by Malignant Vanilla [1998]

A modest genius, both poet and musician. I hope to feature more of his work on a regular basis.

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