Monday, October 10, 2005

Deaths Ignored In The Ninth Ward

The Republicans have certainly been having their troubles with race relations lately. One would think that, after several very public, very questionable statements concerning the poor and black made by high-profile Republicans in the past month, the Republicans would realize the damage they're doing to race relations in the country.

Sadly, this is not the case.

From CNN, via Scout Prime:
Five weeks after Katrina, New Orleans is calling off the house- to-house search for bodies. Teams have pulled 964 corpses from storm- ravaged areas across southeastern Louisiana. Authorities admit more bodies are probably out there. They'll be handled on a case-by-case basis. The count is far short of the 10,000 dead once predicted by New Orleans mayor. As of today, the death toll from Hurricane Katrina stands at just under 1,200.

Searchers and residents insist there are still plenty of dead to find in New Orleans. Once again, they say the Ninth Ward is being ignored because it is poor and black. Here's CNN's Jeanne Meserve.

Scout Prime hits the nail firmly on the head with this statement:
We went to great pains to recover every little bit of human remains at Ground Zero but in Black America we won't even bother to pick up bodies.

So, essentially what we're being shown by our elected Republican leadership is that proper rescue and clean-up efforts are very necessary, so long as George W. Bush gets a handsome photo-op out of the ordeal.

I would like to say that, in the days since this story broke in the MSM, that steps have been taken to correct this grievous wrong. Again, sadly, tragically, this is not the case.

Perhaps this will finally send a wake-up call to the working poor and minorities in the country: the Republican party does not represent you! Do us all a favor and stop voting for them!

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