Thursday, September 15, 2005

Baby Pics from the Hospital

Gifted-1 outside the hospital (she couldn't escape the camera completely!)

Cecelia ready to go home.

Samurai Sam playing nurse in the operating room.

Being born is hard; it's hard work! Everybody knows that.

(It's hard to be glib at 3:30 in the morning.)


Mr. Bill said...

Congratulations, Sam. The paradox is that all babies are beautiful, and all newborns resemble Churchill after a hard night.
I missed my daughter's birth: she was two weeks overdue, and in 1984 I couldn't afford to miss the Dallas American Craft Show (I cleared $7,000 that year, and got several commissions).
The night the show was over, I called home (as usual) and my late wife said, 'don't hurry, this baby's taking it's time.' I broke down in Longview TX, and when I called home, Pat was in the delivery room....
When son Ross was born, I was home, and we had 6 false alarms. The last was at 11:30 pm, we got to the hospital (some 10 miles away) and the nurse said "well, dear, your only dilated a couple of centimenters. Take this seconal, and you might go into labor tomorrow." We got to the end of our driveway, and Pat said "NOW!Turn around NOW!" "Are you sure?" "NOW GODDAMN IT!" At the hospital, the nurse said, "well, you're up to 11 centimenters, I guess you got relaxed." Pat:"Well GREAT! That means I don't get an epidural! PEACHY!"
She delivered in two hours, and the nurse (5'1') kept sayin' "Don't Pass Out, Mr. Alexander, I can't pick you "(6'2")"up..."

Samurai Sam said...

That made me laugh out loud! My wife never went into labor on any of her three pregnancies. This was her third C-section; the first two were both emergencies so the stress level was much lower this time.
The doctor did let me watch the actual surgery, which was briefly pretty cool but gets pretty gross when you're right up close. Seeing my wife's internal organs is a level of intimacy on which I'm willing to pass.

Samurai Sam said...

Hey dadobot, if you stop by: I got your email. I just can't lay off the rightwing spam-mails. It's like a high fastball; you have to swing!
I've been slacking off due to new baby responsibilities but I'm getting my second wind now.

Gifted-1 said...

Thanks for posting that picture...
I look like shit! :P

Samurai Sam said...

I think you're beautiful. Isn't that what matters?