Monday, January 09, 2006

Poetry Corner From Malignant Vanilla

creativve writing

a sulfur stench
burned bright, then quickly died
it served it's purpose
had a job and did it well
but noone remembers how it fell
except for me
the swaying flame
dancing like a dying dame
lives without a name
but never complains
no, i'm not insane
i'm just different than them
i'm from a different place
a link in a different chain
I envy the match
i'm thinkin up an epitaph
some more of them words i'm lookin for
some of them i used before
maybe a few new ones
i'll slip em in when noone's lookin
words for the match
in a glass casket filled with ash
curled and fetile
forgotten like a mediocre meal
or that sulfur stench
that burns bright, then quickly dies

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