Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Samurai Sam: Capitalist Pig

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Just a quick PSA:

Thank you to everyone who has been ordering from my CafePress site! Considering I've never even mentioned it here, I'm rather surprised anything has moved. In any case, I have added a link to it under "Commerce" in my sidebar, if anyone is interested.

Also, I am currently working with Lung Monkey Ink on some personalized, Oriental-themed Samurai Swag. I hope to roll some of that out in the coming year. Plus, I really need to spiffy up this Blogger template, and some custom art should be just the thing. I may be obscure, but I've got BIG dreams, baby! Anyway...

A big thank you to my wife, Gifted-1, who designed all of the merchandise currently for sale.

Now back to our regularly scheduled opinionated hubris.

Peace and Love,

Samurai Sam

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