Thursday, August 10, 2006

Breastmilk is Best Milk!

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding has many benefits for your baby. Breast milk is rich in nutrients. It helps protect your baby against infections. It also helps prevent your baby from having allergies.

Breastfeeding also has benefits for mom. It's clean and simple--you don't have to wash bottles or mix formula. It's cheaper than using formula. It helps your uterus contract back to normal size after having been stretched during pregnancy. And, most importantly, it helps make time for you to be close to your baby.

I have breastfed my children and have always known it was the best way to go. But, in light of the recent uproar about "boobs in public" ~ I've done a little more checkin' into things... and I might add, I beat the Colbert Report on covering {or uncovering} this issue! Ha!

People in the great ole USA have this sick over-sexed view of women's bodies and breasts in general. It's really a shame that we can't move away from that, long enough, to let babies get the best nutrition possible! Most other countries have completely different {IMO, better} views on the breast. Here are a couple examples where boobs are a part of every day life:

A Venezuelan phone card from CANTV company is showing a breastfeeding mother. The backside explains how Venezuelan law grants all working mothers the right to breastfeed, and encourages working mothers to pump their milk for their baby.

This ad photo was seen on the side of a newspaper vending machine in Switzerland. It says: "Point de ravitaillement" - place of resupply.

Unfortunately, most Americans can't be so mature. LiveJournal has even gone as far as barring images of breastfeeding mothers!
Check out the avatars here:

So, I was so happy {insert many cheers here} when seeing Vogue Model, Angela Lindvall (top) breastfeeding her 14 month old baby.
At least some of us are evolving...

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