Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rightwing Nuttery...Head Exploding...

Here is everything anyone needs to know about the conservative view of Iraq, neatly summarized by a noted wingnut troll chieftan.

John Hinderaker on Iraq (via Tbogg):

We chose this war; we chose this battlefield; we chose to send men like Menchaca and Tucker to Iraq because we believed it was important to our security. Their brutal murders have exposed, once again, the face of pure evil that we are fighting in this war. They must be avenged, and the American public must know that they have been avenged, not forgotten.

Maybe you folks playing at home can explain this to me: Did Assrocket just claim that we, America, the country that, after pre-emptively invading Iraq under false pretenses, violates the Iraqis' homes, supports a puppet government that exacerbates sectarian conflicts, rapes their daughters, kills thousands of their friends, family and neighbors, tortures them at Abu Ghraib and lays the groundwork for their continued exploitation by U.S. corporate interests, needs to REVENGE ITSELF upon the Iraqi people? All because conservatives believed committing this litany of atrocities was in America's best interest?

Certainly what happened to Menchaca and Tucker is tragic, and the perpetrators should be dealt with severely. But you know what would have helped Menchaca, Tucker, their family and friends, even more than escalating violence and rightwing revenge fantasies?


Damn those evil brutes for tricking us into destroying their country and killing them! Their insidious trap only proves they're "pure evil"...

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